Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

1. Improve business environment and investment environment

Raise "voice of JCCI" to Vietnamese Government and other relevant government departments; negotiate on behalf of JCCI members.    

  • Participate in Vietnam Business Forum (VBF), Vietnam - Japan Joint Initiative
  • Submit position papers to Vietnamese Government, concerning various issues members are facing
  • Submit proposals during development and promulgation of Legal documents and Law's provisions


2. Information access, exchange

  • Can discuss issues of importance with other members as well as make friends and business contacts, by attending belonging department meeting.
  • Via home page & email distribution system, can widely access to various valuable seminars, attend site-visting trip...


3. Expand daily life network in Vietnam

By taking opporturnity to attend medical & health related lectures or sport-culture events, members can widen daily life network while living in Vietnam. In addition, also can involve in making plan and operation.


4. Faster safety measures

In case of emergency situation occurs, members can quickly get information through JCCI specialzied information distribution system.


5. For Japan - Vietnam bilateral friendship

Be able to participate in frienship activities between 2 countries.


6. Others

Receive the prestigious and valuable JCCI Membership Discount Card, offering a wide range of value-added, discount percentage and preferred rates at many restaurants, shops, hotels, hospitals in Vietnam.